Putting an end to the culture of decapitation

It’s often suggested that in Australia no one wants to rise to prominence for fear of having their head figuratively cut off. While this ‘tall poppy syndrome’ might have once played a role in creating an egalitarian society, it has no doubt caused many would-be leaders in business to pull their heads in before they lost them.

So what do you do then when you are looking to build the profile of your your fledgling business, and one of your best (and more freely-available) assets is yourself? Do you put yourself out in front of your business’s brand and risk decapitation, or follow more traditional routes for brand building.

In this article for CMO.com.au I had the change to examine and investigate some of Australia’s best-known entrepreneurs and business leaders, including Janine Allis and Naomi Simson, and ask about the challenges and benefits of becoming a branded CEO.