SMH – Bolder, coherent and cool: the new SAP?

I’ve been writing about the German enterprise software company SAP for as long as I’ve been writing articles about the technology industry – a good 18 years now. In that time SAP has built a reputation for being solid and reliable, but also somewhat clunky and inflexible.

Recently however the company seems to have learned a lesson from more nimble peers such as Amazon and Google, embracing a culture of innovation to drive it back into the game where some had written it off. And while SAP is still struggling to assert an offering in cloud computing, it is moving in the right direction.

In any technology revolution there are two kinds of winners – those who grow up in the new paradigm (sorry, gratuitous use of a buzzword there) and those that adapt to it. As we shift further to broad adoption of cloud computing, SAP is certainly striving to the latter kind of company, and you can read more about its transformation in this story for the Sydney Morning Herald’s IT Pro website.