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Twenty-five years ago I started my career as a business and technology journalist, and found myself in the privileged position of being able to not just study why some of the world’s most successful organisations had come to be, but also to ask their executives how they had done it.

These days I use those same skills to help organisations find answers to difficult questions, and translate the findings into relatable and actionable reports and whitepapers. In this way I’ve been able to sink my teeth into some of the most chalenging topics that organisations are wrestling with today, such as how to create innovation cultures and reduce risk in change through to better understanding the skills they will need to survive and thrive in the current decade.

That research also informs the presentations I deliver, where my focus is on helping people understand and adapt the changes that are happening in their personal and professional lives.

Over the past decade I’ve had the privilege of delivering keynote presentations to audiences ranging from large IT industry conferences to small community gatherings. Regardless of the setting, my key message is the same – the decisions that we take today will shape how well we adapt to an unknown future. So the more information we have access to today, the better informed our actions will be.

The world is full of ideas and concepts that are ready to be harnessed. We don’t need to wait for tomorrow – there is plenty we can work with now, if we know what to look for and how to adapt ideas. We create our own future through the actions we take today.

Two decades in journalism have given me a knack for taking complicated topics and presenting them in a straightforward and compelling manner. ┬áIt’s also given me a chance to investigate multiple industries, so that each presentation is tailored to the specific needs of the audience with information that is relevant, entertaining and thought-provoking.

In addition to delivering keynote presentations, I’m also availabe for hosting events, workshops and roundtable discussions, to lead discussions on the impact of change and the possibilities it opens up.

Keynote topic: The attrbiutes of transformative leaders

The business landscape is changing rapidly, forcing many organisations to respond in new and innovative ways.

But if the tools of change are the same for every business, why do some organisations change successfully, while others don’t? Why do some not even bother to change at all, and ultimately fail anyway?

Through 2019 I embarked on a major research project to examine organisations that were successfully changing, to determine whether they shared common attributes that showed their outcome was more than just random chance. Through speaking to their senior leaders I came to understand the circumstances that had set them on their change journey, and identified those factors that could be modelled and adopted by other organisations.

The findings from this work are contained in my presentation The attributes of transformative leaders. Through the use of examples I demonstrate to the audience the common attributes they can bring into their own organisations, and provide practicel advice on how to ensure their transformation journies are successful.

Keynote topic: The evolution of skills and the future of work

In 2019 I undertook a second major research project to investigate the skills that will be needed in the workplace over the next ten years. Through interviews with numerous workplace I leaders I was able to discern the nature of the changes that will impact workplaces and identify the skills that will be needed to meet these future challenges. The findings of this research is contained in the thought leadership report series The Evolution of Skills, published by TAFE NSW. The research report examined four industries in depth – government, healthcare, infrastructure and logistics – although the key findings are consistent across all industries.

In this presentation I speak in detail about the factors that will impact the workplace of the future, and examine the skills that employers will need to help them best respond to what is to come, with practical advice on steps employers can take to ensure they are developing the skills they need. This presentation will also benefit individuals who may be wondering what skills they should acquire today to maximise their value in the workplace in years to come.

Keynote topic: Innovation is for everyone

Innovation is a topic that is on the lips of every business leader, but translating it from words to actions has proven to be an elusive goal. For the past two years myself and Peter Fritz AM have been working to better understand innovation in both an Australian and global context, to understand the factors that help to bring it to life.

In this presentation I explore the concept of innovation in detail, and provide practical tips for how organisations and individuals can embrace the concepts of innovation to create a brighter future.

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