The Australian – Top 50 Technology 2012

Influence can be measured in many ways. There is the overt form of influence, which is represented by the buying power you have (and none can top NBN Co’s Mike Quigley, pictured), the number of people you command, and the loudness of your voice. Then there are the most subtle forms of influence that emerge through powers of persuasion, leadership and relationships, which are harder to spot, but can be all the more powerful for their subtlety.

In this feature for The Australian we looked at influence from all angles, to pull together a list of candidates who play a vital role in shaping the way that the Australian ICT sector is developing. Some may be obvious, some not so, and no doubt there are some names missing that might have otherwise considered themselves to hold a place.

Needless to say, they’ll have another opportunity to demonstrate their level of interest 12 months from now …