Virtual Presentation Training

Pic by Jonas Jacobson

Virtual storytelling – mastering online delivery for presentations, workshops and roundtables

The COVID-19 crisis and resultant shutdown of mass gatherings showed us there are other ways to reach an audience. And while in-person gatherings have come roaring back in the past year, there are some scenarios where you can’t beat the reach and longevity afforded by a virtual presentation.

But presenting in virtual formats is not the same as doing so from a stage, lectern, or meeting room. It requires a rethink of content, flow, and format, to ensure a presenter can build and maintain engagement with their audience. At the same time, virtual presentations provide opportunities for different forms of interaction, and when executed correctly, can live on as part of a growing repository of digital content.

With this in mind, I have taken everything I’ve learned about physical and virtual presenting and created this new course, designed to teach the basics of presenting through online media. Whether you are delivering a keynote presentation, facilitating a roundtable or hosting a workshop, this course will help you master your content and flow, and enable you to drive engagement with your audience.

The course is delivered over 90 minutes and covers:

  • The essentials of presenting:
    • Content and audience considerations
    • Crafting your story
    • Tips for successful delivery
  • Virtual considerations:
    • New considerations for content flow
    • Tips for engaging with a virtual audience
    • Production considerations
    • Options for larger events
  • Presenting from a virtual stage:
    • What changes, and what stays the same
    • Ideas for different formats
    • Encouraging interaction
  • Workshops and meetings:
    • Tips for running the ‘room’
    • Managing interaction

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