Group Storytelling Coaching – Storytelling for Commercial Success

Storytelling is one of humanity’s oldest and most powerful technologies, enabling the transmission and retention of information in ways that can change how people think, feel, and behave.

In ancient times storytelling was used to help people understand how to function in their society or navigate vast distances, long before the development of the written word. In a world that is awash with information, storytelling is an effective method for conveying knowledge that can influence people’s thoughts and behaviours.

There is no better way of communicating information from one person to another than through storytelling, and when the needs of the storyteller align with those of the audience, amazing results can follow.

For more than 25 years I has witnessed and wielded the power of storytelling, firstly as a business and technology writer for The Australian and BRW, and now as a communications trainer and coach. Throughout my career I have used storytelling to translate and convey complex topics in ways that are meaningful for different audiences, and now I teach executives and teams how to do the same.

In this 90-minute workshop I expose audiences to the power of storytelling and its role in human development, explore why storytelling is so effective for communicating information, and discuss the techniques that can maximise the power of storytelling for achieving commercial goals. This includes guidance on defining and meeting objectives, the development of key storytelling elements, techniques for building engagement by aligning with the needs of audiences, and advice for enhancing delivery.

The session is suitable for executive groups, sales teams, or anyone who wants to boost their communication skills. This session can also be extended into a workshop where participants are coached on their own storytelling abilities.

Whether you are telling stories on stage, in group presentations, through one-on-one meetings, or using the written word, you are certain to benefit through learning to better harness the power of storytelling.