Australia Unlimited – The Young Ones

Australians have always been drawn to Silicon Valley, but never in the numbers that are present today. The hard work of Aussie entrepreneurs over the past two decades has succeeded in opening doors right across the Valley venture community, and a wave of Australian start-ups are taking advantage. Many Silicon Valley funders aren’t even waiting for the next batch of Aussies to ‘deplane’ – they are now scouting for the next big thing directly in Australia.

In this story for Austrade’s Australia Unlimited magazine I speak to many of the new crop of Silicon Valley-based entrepreneurs, including Bardia Housman, Elias Bizannes and Ryan Junee, and a few more who are on their way. While global markets are opening up increasingly to Australian technology, Silicon Valley is still the place to be.

ZDNet Patch Monday podcast – Trends for a broadband-enabled future #AFasterFuture

The article I penned for SmartCompany (below) on technology trends identified in A Faster Future caught the eye of a few folk, including prominent Australian writer and podacster Stilgherrian. Hence this week I was the subject of his weekly Patch Monday podcast for ZDNet, talking in more detail about some of those trends – particularly the rise of video and the need to equip both business and society with the tools to take advantage of the changes that are coming. Anyway, you can listen to the interview by clicking here or downloading it into iTunes.

SmartCompany – Brave new tech: the next 10 trends for SMEs

While researching A Faster Future Janelle and I uncovered a great number of technology-driven trends that are sure to impact business in the coming years. Some are obvious, such as the rise of collaboration tools and video, others are more subtle, such as the increasing desire of consumers for instant gratification.

In this article for SmartCompany I highlighted ten of the trends that business needs to be thinking about, illustrated with quotes from some of the many speakers in the book.