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My name is Brad Howarth, and I am a researcher, writer, speaker, and facilitator, based in Melbourne, Australia.

For more than 20 years I have been investigating and writing on a range of topics for publications in Australia and overseas, with a particular focus on the technology, digital media and marketing industries. I was once the IT editor and marketing editor for BRW, but these days prefer to work across a number of titles. Increasingly however my time is taken up with consulting work, delivering keynote presentations and workshops, and facilitating discussions – usually focused around the topic of business transformation.

My keynote speeches generally also revolve around the theme of technology-driven change, and how people and organisations might embrace changes and put them to work. This stems from my belief that failure to adapt leads to stagnation, and in this world that means falling behind. I’ve always been fascinated how different industries and business operate, and  dive deeply into an industry and its participants when putting presentations together, to create something that is unique and relevant to the audience.

I do however still find time to write, and you’ll find links to some of my recent articles on this blog.

I’ve also written three books. The first was a study on the Australian startup ecosystem, called Innovation and Emerging Markets, which written way back in 2004, long  before startups were cool. The second book, titled A Faster Future, was co-authored with Janelle Ledwidge and investigated the evolution of broadband applications and services and the impact they will have on business, society and individuals.

More recently I co-authored the book Managing for Change, in partnership with Peter Fritz AM. Managing for Change seeks to assist people to create a better path through life by understanding change and how to wield it to their advantage. Managing for Change is available from Booktopia or in ebook format from Amazon.

I have also begun facilitating workshop sessions, where I assist groups to understand future possibilities and build strategies to accommodate and benefit from those possible changes.

For more information on my speaking and facilitating work, check out my page at my agency, Saxton Speakers Bureau.

Lead page photo credit – Victor Perton – taken at G20 Agenda for Growth: Opportunities for SMEs – 20 June 2014, Parliament House, Melbournethe

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