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The Australian – Industry must invest in skills or fall prey to disruption

For a while now I’ve been chairing meetings of senior CIOs around Australia, with skills a central point of discussion – more specifically, the difficult that many are finding in recruiting the skills they need to manage a modern IT function and engage strategically within their organisation. While there are no easy solutions to the […]

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CMO – What the new breed of Data Management Platforms mean for marketers

The speed of growth of the digital advertising industry has been staggering. In little over a decade it has become the single largest advertising category by dollars spent, and shows little sign of slowing down. Yet the path to digital has not always been a smooth one for advertisers, who have had to contend with […]

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SmartCompany – Australia’s 10 most influential people in tech

It’s never easy trying to determine who the most influential people are in Australia’s IT industry, but that doesn’t seem to stop me doing so year after year. There can be little denying that this year’s list of Australia’s 10 most influential people in tech for SmartCompany are people whom others listen to. Whether they […]

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SmartCompany – What your business can learn from startups

Startups scare the daylights out of many execs from traditional businesses. Its common to hear them speak of their fear of some business currently being incubated in its CEO’s mother’s garage that one day will emerge and steal a large or lucrative slice of their business. Why? Because it happens – Uber and Airbnb are […]

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CMO – Why it’s time to bring mindfulness into marketing leadership

Technology has ensured that we can live in an always-connected world. It has also ensured that we can live in a world where we are always distracted, our minds able to wander to places far distant from that which we actually inhabit. We can choose to ignore the moment in which we live. Perhaps we have always found ways […]

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Why I do what I do

In the decade since I last had a full-time role I’ve often been asked what I do. It used to be an easy answer – freelance journalist. Over time however the list of services I find myself providing has blossomed – author, speaker, facilitator, host, communications trainer, analyst, writer, consultant, etc – to the point where […]

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Do we need a new approach to the social sector?

I first met social entrepreneur Tania de Jong a few years ago through her work in bringing together the Creative Innovation festival. Now she has set a goal of reshaping Australia’s social sector by taking a leaf out of the books of Uber and Airbnb. De Jong is chief executive officer of Creativity Australia and founder […]

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My new book – Managing for Change – now available

I’m very pleased to say that my new book, Managing for Change, is now available, in paperback and ebook formats. Co-authored with with Peter Fritz AM, Managing for Change sets out practical advice to help people get more out of life, personally and professionally. The book is the product of numerous discussions between myself and Peter, […]

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Where are the women? SmartCompany’s 12 most influential people in Australia tech

A couple of weeks ago I compiled SmartCompany’s annual listing of the 12 most influential people in the Australian technology industry. It’s a difficult task, and regardless of the criteria set, leads to agonising decisions as to who makes it on, and who doesn’t. As such, you can only be certain that the people who […]

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Business Spectator – Kickstarting Australia’s digital future (or culture is a hungry beast) #pathstoadvantage

For the past couple of months I’ve had the pleasure editing and writing a set of pages for Business Spectator under the theme of Paths to Advantage. While the pages are sponsored by IBM, I’ve had free reign to speak to anyone, about anything, provided it is in relation to the concept of business transformation. My view […]

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