Communications Training – Storytelling with Intent

More than 20 years in journalism has taught me a lot about telling other people’s stories. One of the key lessons is that there are many stories that never get told, not because the stories themselves aren’t interesting, but because the people telling the story lack the ability to tell it in a compelling way. Worse still, when those stories are told, no one remembers them.

In a business environment, storytelling is an essential component of marketing, delivering the ability to help people think, feel or behave differently in relation to a brand.

Storytelling with Intent is a course I’ve been developing over the past decade to help people improve their outbound communication skills, and create the desired changes in the minds of those who are consuming the story.¬†Whether it your goal is to raise awareness, change sentiment, or ultimately to lead the listener to act differently as the result of hearing your story, this course will improve your skills when using outbound communication. Through a combination of theory and practical work, this course will help you to:

  • Define your objective
  • Build a connection to your audience
  • Make your story plausible and compelling
  • Achieve your goals.

Storytelling with Intent applies to many forms of outbound communication, from presentations and interviews to written communication.

Contact me at brad AT bradhowarth DOT com for more information.