“We freaked out”: The scary reality of starting a web business

tinyme-press-logo-small I’ve written a lot of stories about entrepreneurial Internet start-ups over the years, and am always impressed by the willingness of so many entrepreneurs to pack in their day job and start something for themselves. Often they fail, but usually they do so before the press has even noticed them. 

But there are nonetheless plenty of success stories. Tinyme is certainly one of them, and its three business partners have built up an online retail business that during peak season employs 45 people.

Recently I was asked by the editor of to write a series of articles looking into the fortunes of small online businesses, in the hope that those that follow in the steps of Tinyme and others might be able to learn from their lessons. Tinyme has grown consistently to become a highly successful business, but even it has had the odd stumble along the way. You can read what happened, and how they overcame it, by clicking here.