Live from #Tech23: Enterprise group – Bugherd, cinergix, Effective Measure and Kaggle

The second group presenting at #Tech23 was from the group ‘Meeting the needs of the enterprise’ and was kicked off by Matt Milosavljevic (@mmilo) from Bugherd. His company has created what it claims is the world’s simplest software big tracker. The company’s fo0unders are all engineers, so very familiar with the problems, and have already attracting $245,000 in funding.

The second presentation was given by Chandika Jayasundara (@chandika) from cinergix, whose software creatly enables users to create simple wire-frames that enable better visualisation of company information, and has already been adopted by 130,000 users. The company’s new tool enables the automatic creation of diagrams that include data from other systems such as

The third company to present was Effective Measure. CEO Scott Julian (@scottjulian) outlined the company’s service for accurately measuring online audiences. The company is chasing after emerging markets, where it is seeking to become the official currency in those market when it comes to web ratings. The company has already raised $8 million, and is chasing an addressable market of $2.3 billion.

The final presentation was from Nicholas Gruen (@NicholasGruen) from Kaggle, a predictive data analytics platform that uses crowdsourcing to solve complex analytical probkems. The company is developing a community and creating a platform for a market that it estimates is worth $107 billion – of which $38 billion is outsourced today.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Brad, it was great to see how much Tech23 has evolved since last year’s event. This year’s 23 startups were all more polished, had progressed further towards commercialisation, and were solving bigger and more ambitious problems. We’re stoked to receive the People’s Choice Award for Bugherd among such a strong field.

    If you ever want a chat with the Bugherd team let us know. Cheers!

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