Live from KANZ 2011 – Leo Jun from SK Telecom – Screens are everywhere #kanz11

The final session at KANZ 2011 that I attended today was given byLeo Jun (@uberlab), director of the media platform diviosn in the personal media business at Korea’s SK Telecom. His presentation, Screens are everywhere, what about your content?, focused on SK Telecom’s hoppin service, which seeks to solve the problem of consumers being bombarded with too much content.

It’s solution is to enable users to move their experience for watching content from one device to another – ie, a program being watched on a mobile device can seamlessly be transferred to another screen as suits the consumer. The service can also make recommendations to consumers to help them find content based on their user behaviour, and they can also search based on emotional keywords such as ‘horrific’ or ‘heartwarming’.

The service also enables the mobile phone to be used as a settop box, with the TV just acking as a big, dumb screen. Using a cradle the phone basically takes over the TV with content automatically reformatted. It is also possible to get content information sent to your tablet PC as you watch.

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  1. Hi Brad

    Thanks for your great talk at the #KANZ11 Breakfast and your live blog posts. I look forward to seeing what new Emotiv brain computer interface technology apps are developed in coming years!

    For anyone who’s interested to watch any of the #KANZ11 presentations, video replays of the webcasts are available at . Written transcripts are also being prepared and will be available soon.


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